Our goal is to promote healthy communities through nutrition classes and environmental advocacy workshops. Our mission, in practice with these workshops, is to foster a greater understanding of square foot gardening, composting, nutrition, alternative fuels, and outdoor living. We hope to provide an opportunity for a meaningful, hands-on experience that will include activities in each of our focus areas. Sol Food Mobile Farm will be hosting 10 workshops across the country, complete with 5 day instructional workdays with our crew at each site.

                                                                          DSA Urban Farm Club

   Our workshops will begin with the construction of up to 8 individual 4 x 8 raised garden beds using locally sourced lumber, soil and mulch. *The garden construction will be completed by the Sol Food Mobile Farm crew alongside members of schools or community centers. The main portion of our workshops will be focused around the life cycles of plants, the inputs and outputs of a healthy garden and the many different systems.

      After each week long workshop, the garden sites will be complete with a composting station, fully stocked tool shed and a custom rain water collection system. We hope to leave every workshop site with a group of “garden stewards” who agree to look after the garden and send the Sol Food Mobile Farm team yearly updates of the garden’s progress and growth!

A unique part of our workshops will be planting starters from seed in our mobile greenhouse for the next group in a different city to use as transplants in their garden workshop.  This is part of our Planting Pals program that connects community gardens in different cities through living and edible vegetables. These starters destined for a sister garden in an adjacent city will be accompanied by letters, drawings and good wishes from one workshop to another.